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Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 21- The Bedroom

Dec 17, 2017

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation, calm, and coziness. Could it be possible that clutter, and unfinished tasks are distracting from your zen? It’s said that minimalist spaces can actually help you destress, influence your mood, and make life easier.

When cutting the clutter in your bedroom, it’s important to remember that minimalism doesn’t mean cold and uninviting. You can still create a space where you want to cuddle up and fall asleep as well as keep things simple.

Here are some tips on how to create a minimalist bedroom:

1. Cut the clutter

Just as you did in the living room, clear off all surfaces and remove all decorative items. Go through you Keep, Transfer, Trash routine and decide on which items will make it back into the bedroom. Remember that knick knacks collect dust, and the bedroom is definitely a place you want to reduce dust and allergens (helping you breathe clearly and get a better night sleep).

If you’re constantly throwing your throw pillows on a floor in order to crawl into bed (is that why they’re called that?), maybe it’s time to reevaluate. Put away that lundry and make your bed when you wake up! (If you have a minimalist bedroom, this only takes a few seconds!).

2. Go for a neutral colour scheme

We’ve all seen them, beautiful minimalist bedrooms, and the writing’s on the walls. Most minimalist bedrooms have light (white) walls, creating a bright and clean look. If you aren’t allergic to colour like I am, and you can’t be convinced to go with white walls, consider an easier solution such as your bed sheets and covers. My husband and I have this linen duvet set in “mist”.

3. Choose simple furniture

Go for a simple bed frame. We got a new mattress recently and are still working with the adjustable metal frame, but my dream bed frame is this mid-century acorn bed from west elm. Some of the furniture that we’re still working with is second hand, but we gave it a makeover before moving into our home by painting it white and adding updated brass handles. If you’re up for a shopping spree, Ikea has a tonne of simple and functional bedroom furniture that fits into both minimalism and Scandinavian design.

4. Keep it sheer

Opt for window covering that allow natural night into your bedroom. Natural sunlight actually helps you wake-up by inhibiting melatonin production, (however if you live in Canada during the winter, you know the #struggleisreal when it comes to natural sunlight!). By allowing more natural light into your room, you create an open, airy, and inviting space. If you need your room to be blackout for sleeping, consider dual curtain rods, which allow you to hang two curtains at one window, or even something like these day/night two colour blinds.

5. Limit wall hangings

Try to pick only one or two pieces that you love and work with the space. If you need more, opt for neutral frames, or change out photos to be black and white. You could also add some life to your space with a few candles or some greenery. If you have a black thumb, or minimal light, try one of these hardy plants.


Check out my pinterest for some minimalist bedroom inspiration!


How have you cut down the clutter in your bedroom?

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