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Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 24- Dining Room

Jan 3, 2018

The dining room was a simple one for us.

Our main floor is open concept so we use our furniture to create a visual divide between rooms, and in terms of space, our dining room definitely gets the least real estate. This has forced us to keep this space quite minimalist from the start.

Unfortunately, the dining room table is also my first surface as I enter my house, which means I often dump my work stuff here (bag, paperwork, lunch). So first off, I need to change my habit when I get home to keep this space truly minimalist. My bag has a home in our foyer closet, paperwork belongs in my office, and I should be emptying my lunch right as I get home in the kitchen. A lot of decluttering and a minimalist look is getting into the habit of putting things where they belong in the first place. (Goal for 2018 maybe?).

Since we opted for a large table to seat 6 for when we have family over, we don’t have space left in our dining room for other once staples in a dining room set, including a sideboard or hutch. Even if we did have the space for these pieces, their use is to hold items that aren’t often used such as china and formal barware, things a minimalist home doesn’t really need.

With homes getting more kitchen storage space, and with families having more informal dining habits, creating a minimalist dining room is easier than ever. In our dining room, we currently have a table, 6 chairs, and a wall mounted wine rack (made by hubby). Sometimes I opt to put a tablecloth on our table, but for the most part its au naturel. Our table was actually hand-built by my husband, originally when we thought we were going to be moving into a more traditional home. When we have some time (and finances) I hope to get a smaller more modern table and chairs, here are some of my favourites: West Elm , EQ3, All Modern, All Modern, Structube.


What do you have in your dining room?

Where (if anywhere) do you store your “fancy” plates or glasses?


See my pinterest for more minimalist dining room inspo!


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