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Our Miscarriage Story: Part 2 of 5

Mar 31, 2019

Our Miscarriage Story – Part 2 of 5| What Miscarriage is Really Like: Real, Honest, and Raw

miscarriage, loss, pregnancy loss


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My ultrasound appointment was at 8:30am.

Ryan and I arrived at 7:30am as I had to register through the Emergency Department who ordered the ultrasound. I had to have a transabdominal ultrasound, so I needed to drink 1 L of water in advance…anyone who has had an transabdominal ultrasound knows the feeling of needing to pee like no-other…

After a bit of waiting around, we were able to go over to radiology to wait for my ultrasound.

Here’s the thing about emergency ordered ultrasounds… they aren’t allowed to show you anything, tell you anything, or let anyone else in the room. So there I was, stripped  from the waist down, laying silently on the bed while the radiologist pushed around on my bladder trying to locate a fetal heartbeat.

Then I’m told they need to “get a closer look” and needed to so a transvaginal ultrasound. Remember, I’m still bleeding at this point, so this was a bit uncomfortable to me, but I was still hoping that it may mean that they find a heartbeat and that I was just experiencing regular bleeding and everything would be fine. It also meant that I got to empty my bladder that was causing me a lot of discomfort, so of course I agreed.

The radiologist finished up the ultrasound and I got dressed, went back out to see Ryan. We assumed we would have to then wait in the emergency waiting room to hear the results of our ultrasound, but that is not what happened…

They brought us to a private ER room and just asked us to sit. There was a bed and a chair. We assumed the worst, that they probably wanted to give us the bad news privately rather that in the public waiting room.



Then we sat…and we sat… with no updates for a while, until a nurse came in to draw my blood.

But why? I just had blood taken 12 hours ago? I didn’t understand, just tell me about my baby, my veins have been poked enough. She asked about using the blood from the previous night to try to save me from another poke, but they needed new blood. This was to check my hCG level and compare to last night’s level.

The nurse left, and we sat for longer. Please, if the news you’re giving us is bad news, don’t leave us sitting around with our own thoughts. It’s distressing and we start to think that things could be even worse. What’s taking so long? Just give us the news so we can leave and process it.

After what seemed like forever, the doctor came in to tell us that they couldn’t find a fetal heartbeat and that I was having an impending miscarriage (meaning the worst of it was still to come).

The doctor gave us a referral to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU), told us that I should expect bleeding  and some cramping similar to a heavy period…and sent us home.

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