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You made it! 30 days of minimalism! On this last day of the challenge, we’re going to take some time to reflect on our journey with minimalism thus far, and to create a minimalist mindset moving forward (so that we do our best not to fall back into our old ways). For me, minimalism is […]

One of my biggest personal goals for 2018 is to create less waste. In 2015 my husband and I decided to become vegetarians to do our part to combat climate change, and to take a stand against animal cruelty. We stopped consuming meat and fish, and most animal by-products. I only use cruelty free products […]

The guest room is often neglected, used to hang-dry laundry, house extra clothes, or hide away seasonal decorations, however this overlooked space is a valuable part of your home. It will help set the tone for style and comfort for you guests, and ultimately be the deciding factor if they’d stay over again.

Have you ever used shopping to sooth a sad mood, waste some time with girlfriends, or reward yourself for achieving a goal? Yeah, me too. It lead to a lot of impulse purchases. Things I didn’t need, trendy items that would be out of style next season, or aspiration items. It’s okay, you and I […]

I’m going to be honest. I’ve been avoiding this one. The storage room may be one of your biggest organizational sighs of relief once it’s completed however! You may be thinking, “If you have a storage room doesn’t that mean you have too much stuff?”, or “you wouldn’t need a storage room if you were […]

  “Being busy isn’t the same as being productive.”   Let that sink in for a second. . . . One of my biggest challenges with my new position at work is that I’ve had to exercise my right to say “no”, which up until late 2017 wasn’t a word I used often. I was […]

The dining room was a simple one for us. Our main floor is open concept so we use our furniture to create a visual divide between rooms, and in terms of space, our dining room definitely gets the least real estate. This has forced us to keep this space quite minimalist from the start.

How many times do you check your cell phone in a day? Why are you looking at it? Is it for seeing the time, or are you looking at social media, taking selfies for your “snapchat streaks” (snapchat is honestly an app I can’t stand…mostly from a teacher standpoint but that’s for a totally different […]

The biggest problem with the Junk Drawer has got to be the name. The name “Junk Drawer” gives us the mentality that we can just throw whatever we want into it and maybe never even take that item out. It gives us the option to be lazy because we don’t feel like taking the time […]

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation, calm, and coziness. Could it be possible that clutter, and unfinished tasks are distracting from your zen? It’s said that minimalist spaces can actually help you destress, influence your mood, and make life easier.

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